Chrome Android installer

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I recently found a need to install, remove and update Chrome Android (specifically, the Chromium Test Shell) on my devices and emulators at fairly regular intervals.

Chrome shell logo

After a bit of Googling, I found Paul Kinlan's shell script to help automate the process. In true community developer form, he kindly put it on GitHub and asked for improvements.

So, I made a few improvements:

  • More robust installer script that checks requirements along the way (i.e., has the APK been downloaded?) and aborts if they are unmet. This also allows the script to be better-suited to automated or event-triggered environments.
  • Installer script accepts and passes on to `adb` three commonly-used command line flags:
    • -l which forward-locks the app
    • -r which reinstalls the app, keeping its data
    • -s which installs on SD card instead of internal storage
  • I also added a simple updater and deleter (the latter of which is largely unnecessary but what the heck…)

I've been using it to great effect since.