Using subverison 1.7 with phpStorm, webStorm or IntelliJ IDEA on Mac OS X

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I use the JetBrains' phpStorm 6 IDE at work. It currently supports VCS integration with local subversion 1.6 and 1.7 repositories. According to JetBrains, using the subversion 1.7 command-line client is significantly faster at calculating file changes for big projects than using the svnkit library (which is the in-built tool phpStorm will otherwise use).

TL;DR version of the code below

Best performance

For best performance, you should employ an svn 1.7 repository and specify a command-line client binary. The problem is, OS X 10.8's latest XCode (4.6.3) Comman Lline Tools installs subversion 1.6.18, and Homebrew and Fink were updated to subversion 1.8 by default, which phpStorm does not currently handle.

Trying to browse a version 1.7 repository with a version 1.8 client binary within the IDE will simply not work.

Homebrew to the rescue

First, if you're a developer of any kind, are running OS X but you're not using Homebrew (GitHub repo): you're missing out!

Using Homebrew, tap the older svn 1.7 and install it:

$ brew tap homebrew/versions
$ brew install subversion17

(make took a really long time to build subversion, for some reason. If you don't like to stare at a blank terminal and wonder, add the --verbose flag to brew install.)

Then, specify brew's command-line svn binary (/usr/local/bin/svn) in phpStorm, webStorm or IntelliJ IDEA:

Using brew's svn client at /usr/local/bin/svn